Qatar Airways is unveiling a new First Class cabin and presenting its advanced AI-powered cabin crew, Sama 2.0, at the Arabian Travel Market 2024. This event is set to take place from May 6-9 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Qatar Airways to Introduce Game-Changing First Class Cabin Alongside AI Crew at ATM
A Qatar Airways plane
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Qatar Airways Showcases New First Class Cabin and AI Crew at Dubai Event

The airline is introducing Sama 2.0, an AI assistant that offers real-time help and travel tips, at the annual exhibition. This new version of the cabin crew will be available to assist attendees at the Qatar Airways pavilion. 

According to The Global Filipino Magazine, visitors can interact with Sama 2.0 to get information about destinations, answer frequently asked questions, and receive travel advice. The AI crew was first introduced at ITB Berlin earlier this year as a holographic cabin crew.

In addition to the AI crew, Qatar Airways is excited to reveal a newly-designed First Class cabin. This luxury upgrade aims to combine the comfort and exclusive features of both commercial and executive jet experiences. 

Badr Mohammed Al-Meer, the newly appointed group CEO of Qatar Airways, shared that the design is nearly complete, with only the final color selections pending. He indicated that the demand for high-end travel options prompted this innovation.

The introduction of both the high-tech crew member, Sama 2.0, and the luxurious First Class cabin are part of Qatar Airways' efforts to enhance its service offerings and cater to the evolving needs of its customers. 

The dual launch at the Dubai event highlights the airline's commitment to leading in technological innovation and customer comfort in the aviation industry.

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Expands Live Animal Transport with a New Facility

Qatar Airways has significantly expanded its live animal transport capabilities by opening a new facility that can handle 150,000 more animals annually. This move comes as the global market for animal transportation is expected to grow steadily.

Located at 5,260 square meters, the new center at Qatar Airways is the largest air cargo facility for animals in the world, capable of managing 550,000 live animal shipments annually. 

As revealed by The Load Star, it features 140 dog kennels, 40 cat kennels, and 24 stables spread across four zones. Last year, Qatar Airways transported about 10,000 horses globally.

Mark Drusch, the Chief Cargo Officer at Qatar Airways, revealed the facility during a press conference, emphasizing that it increases capacity and enhances the quality of care for the animals during transit. 

The facility includes advanced features like specific music to calm the animals and round-the-clock veterinary care.

Qatar Airways' investment in this facility highlights its commitment to leading the lucrative horse transport market, which is particularly significant in the Middle East. The airline also continues to innovate with tools like a 'Kennel Calculator' to ensure pets travel in appropriately sized kennels, complying with international standards.

The new facility, which started operations on March 12, reflects Qatar Airways' ongoing efforts to improve and expand its live animal transport services.

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