Ontario is a great vacation destination, whether you're visiting from across the border or sticking close to home. From Kenora to Point Pelee, Ontario is home to some beautiful lakeside scenery, with thousands of vacation rentals to enjoy any time of year.

Whether you're looking for a week with the family by the lake or a romantic weekend at a remote cabin, you can find plenty of cottages for rent in Ontario. With so many options, these are some of the top factors you need to consider to get the perfect place for your getaway.

#1 Road vs. Water Access

The first question you need to ask is: how do you get to the cottage? Some vacation properties can be pretty remote. In fact, some of them may not even have road access.

In cottage country, some properties are only accessible by boat. That may be because they're located on an island or because a road hasn't been built to them. Make sure you have a plan for getting to water access cottages, such as renting a boat from a local marina, before you rent or that the rental has those details ready. You should also ask about the quality and maintenance of the road, especially if you're planning a winter trip.

#2 Amenities

Part of what makes a cottage rental so exciting is the amenities that they have to offer. The right cottage amenities can make even an off-season trip special, such as a hot tub or a real wood fireplace that can turn an autumn or winter getaway into a treat.

Great cottage listings should have a complete list of all the amenities but don't set yourself up for disappointment. Make sure you confirm with the owners that all of the listed amenities are functional and available during your stay.

#3 Beach and Lake Access

Make sure you know exactly what the beach and lake access is like. When most people think of a cottage, they imagine a waterfront property with its own dock and access to the lake. However, not all cottages have their own beachfront.

You should also find out if the beach is sand or rock. While rocky beaches can still be a blast, you may need water shoes. The Great Lakes are known for having both sandy and rocky beaches.

#4 Check Out the Pictures

Be sure to pay close attention to the pictures in any listing. Look for both interior and exterior shots, plus pictures of the view. Not all cottages are made equally, but the pictures should tell you what kind of place you can expect.

The pictures can also tell you things like which direction the cottage faces. That's important if you're dreaming about enjoying an early morning coffee with the sunrise or if you'd rather catch the perfect sunset from the dock.

#5 Reception and Internet Access

Taking a cottage vacation is often about getting away from the noise, but some cottages have poor cell reception or slow internet connections, even today. Make sure you ask about phone and internet access before you rent a place so that there are no surprises when you arrive.

Find your dream getaway! Keep these factors in mind when you're renting a cottage.