As tourism picks up after the COVID-19 lockdown, guests prefer Airbnb to hotels and motels for various reasons. If you've traveled or vacationed before, you certainly know the perks of booking an Airbnb. You should use your experience when investing in one. Being the base of their operation, guests want Airbnb's that are as much a highlight of their vacation as other attractions.

Making your Airbnb outstanding requires that you go beyond completing the profile section on the Airbnb listing. Your profile should demonstrate personality and exude comfort. That said, you can make your Airbnb investment attractive to guests on vacation through the following:

1. Optimize Your Listing

Your efforts to optimize your Airbnb listing won't go unnoticed. How you fill your listing is crucial as it ensures that your property stands out from other available options. How you present your listing significantly affects booking rates and guests' satisfaction. Below are a few ways of optimizing your Airbnb listing:

Upload High-Quality Photos

Pictures are the first thing potential guests see as they browse through listings. You must showcase your property in the best way possible. For this, invest in a professional photographer or use a high-quality camera to take inviting pictures of your space.

Guests would like to see the inside and outside appearance of your property. Don't limit your pictures to interior components. Take aerial pictures of the property, showcasing the outside appearance of your home and nearby buildings. Note that aerial pictures will capture the roof and exterior walls. A fresh coat of paint and roof replacement might be necessary. While you can DIY the paint, you should hire a roofing company in Concord CA, for roofing services.

Compelling Property Description

You should provide a detailed description of your property. Highlight the unique features that would make your home attractive to guests. If your home has a cozy fireplace, stunning views, or a spacious backyard, include them in your description. Using engaging language also helps guests better visualize their stay.

Your property description should include an accurate list of amenities and clear house rules. The list of amenities should include essentials like heating and Wi-Fi for digital nomads and unique additions like a home theater system or hot tub. As for the house rules, ensure they are transparent. Indicate check-in and check-out time, smoking restrictions, pet policies, and more.

Highlight Local Attractions

You should also use the description space to highlight nearby attractions. Provide potential guests with points of interest and attractions close to your home. This should include shopping centers, popular restaurants, and cultural sites. This helps guests plan their itinerary and makes your listing more appealing.

2. Decorate Your Property

Aesthetics play a crucial role in making your Airbnb listing attractive to potential guests. Thoughtful interior décor can improve guests' experience, increase positive reviews, and repeat bookings. However, you shouldn't go all out to decorate your property. The following simple changes are enough:

  •  Create a neutral base: You should opt for neutral color palettes for floors, walls, and furniture. Neutral colors create a versatile backdrop that can easily be customized using other colors and decorative elements.

  • Functional layout: You should arrange the furniture to optimize the indoor space and functionality. Guests should have adequate seating space and clear paths.

  • Comfortable Furnishing: Prioritize guest comfort by investing in comfortable furniture pieces. Plush seating and quality mattresses create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Versatile interior décor: You should choose an interior décor that appeals to many people. Don't be specific, as it can deter guests.

  • Artwork and mirrors: Art pieces and mirrors add personality and complement your space. Mirrors reflect light, making the room brighter.

3. Price Correctly

Most people have a budget for their vacations. Pricing your property correctly directly affects bookings and revenue. Pricing your Airbnb requires that you understand several factors. For starters, you should understand the local market. Conduct comprehensive market research to identify the pricing of similar units in your area.

Analyze the price of similar listings to determine a baseline price that guests can comfortably pay. You should also consider the costs of running Airbnb when setting the price. This includes the cost of maintenance, utility costs, cleaning fees, and property management charges.

While at it, identify the unique aspects of your listing that differentiate it from the competition. These might be exceptional amenities, proximity to attractions, or stunning views. Having these features nearby can justify increased costs.

Like other attractions, Airbnb prices keep fluctuating. You should be wary of seasonal and demand fluctuations that affect pricing. Adjust your rates upwards during peak seasons or if there's a major event in your region.

Most customers view and book their stays online. You should consider using a dynamic pricing tool that adjusts your rates based on your region's local events, occupancy rates, and weather conditions.

4. Add Extra Touches

Adding extra touches improves guests' experience. It makes their stay memorable and encourages positive reviews. Adding touches shows your dedication as the host and sets your property apart from others. You should consider the following:

  • A welcome package: Most hotels and motels have welcome packages for their guests. You should consider snacks, treats, or handwritten notes for your clients. You can also offer a map or guidebook with nearby attractions.

  • Kitchen supplies: You can equip your listing with basic kitchen supplies, such as cooking essentials.

  • Fresh flowers and greenery: Place potted plants or fresh flowers on the entrance porch to refresh the space. It creates an inviting atmosphere.

  • Kid-friendly items: Planning a family-friendly vacation is challenging, especially for parents with small kids. Including kid-friendly items, such as coloring books and toys, is a plus.

  • Outdoor comfort: Most people plan their vacations around summer. You should take advantage of the friendly weather to create a comfortable outdoor space. Create a seating area with comfortable cushions, a firepit, and outdoor lighting to encourage your guests to spend time outdoors.


Regardless of the location or construction of your property, you can make it stand out among other Airbnb listings. Guests typically want a comfortable property at a competitive price. You can create such a space using these simple tips.