As opportunities for remote work increase, more people choose to work as they travel. As the culture of digital nomads continues to thrive, global destinations are evaluating their laws to accommodate the individuals who choose to work from anywhere around the world. Most digital nomads just require reliable WIFI to log in to their laptops, enabling them to work as freelancers or remote employees. I've worked as a journalist while traveling the world at the same time for the last six years. Here are 6 top tips for anyone looking to have a great time as a digital nomad.

• Do Your Homework Researching the Destination and Accommodation

• Get Yourself Travel Insurance

• Enroll in Local Communities

• Secure an Excellent Co-working Space

• Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

• Take Advantage of the Latest technology

Preparing well for your travel will guarantee a successful process. Ensure you check how long your visa will last, the weather during your planned travel date, and also understand the neighborhoods that suit you. Would you like to live within walking distance to train stations, co-working spaces, a gym, and grocery stores? Open Google Maps and check all the places you'll need to access regularly and note the distance between those places and your preferred accommodation.

While researching, be sure to get a destination with affordable accommodation so that everything falls within your budget. I usually use Airbnb or Facebook Marketplace while searching for places to stay, then spend my first week in a hotel, which allows me to view the listing in person before signing any contracts. Don't forget to check the WiFi speed to avoid inconveniences while you are working.

Get Yourself Travel Insurance

Make sure not to make the mistake of traveling without insurance. You want to avoid being a burden on the healthcare system in times when the world is dealing with a global pandemic. You may be super healthy, but an accident may occur. For example, I broke my foot while in Vietnam and received all the care I needed, such as crutches, a cast, and physical therapy. My travel insurance covered everything. You can also take out international health insurance.

Enroll in Local Communities

You will get all the information you need from Facebook and WhatsApp groups. In my case, I join groups for nomads and other local events in the destination. This can be a great way to both find digital nomad jobs and build up your network there. I already have a community just by doing as little as posting in these groups to ask simple questions. You will find location experts in Facebook groups, and at least a few will be willing to help you. Don't hesitate to post in these groups to learn about co-working places, meetups, and the best cafes. On arrival at my destination, I always connect with the people I meet in the online groups.

Secure an Excellent Co-working Space

Getting a workspace that meets all your needs can be a challenge. Facebook groups are also helpful while hunting for a suitable workspace. You may also explore other options on Request a day pass to evaluate the co-working space for yourself before making a long-term commitment. If you expect to receive many daily calls, check whether the place requires people to work in silence. If that's a requirement, ask if they have private meeting rooms you can use if necessary.

If you enjoy working from cafes, ask whether customers can bring in their laptops and work for a few hours while they enjoy a meal. Check how big the cafe is. If the place has fewer than ten tables, then that is not the right place to buy a drink and sit to work all day.

A lady sits next to a window at a cafe in Italy as she works on her laptop and uses her camera.

Cafes offer a perfect environment for remote workers, but don't assume you are welcome to work from all cafes. Always ask before anything else.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Whether your remote work is part-time or full-time, you perhaps chose the digital nomad life for the freedom. Remember to enjoy the place. If you decide to work 6 hours a day, shut down your laptop when you have worked enough and go out to meet new people and see new places. If you are a freelancer with a flexible schedule, feel free to take a day off and tour the beach or museum or see other stuff you may like. Breaks between work will help you refresh, boosting your productivity when you are back.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

Many people left the office for online work during the pandemic, which was favorable for nomads because there are a lot of apps to help us organize our work. Zoom is a top platform for video meetings, Calendly is perfect for scheduling calls, and Trello is excellent for project management.

A Common mistake new digital nomads make is using the same phone plan they had at home while traveling. Yes, many operate internationally, however, you might pay more than what you would by getting a local plan. Ensure you unlock your phone, so you can get a new SIM card every time you travel abroad. Again, Facebook groups will help you get recommendations on the cheapest and the most reliable SIM card.