Are you looking for the perfect destination for a European holiday? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with the options and aren't exactly sure where to set your sights? If this sounds familiar, you may want to begin with Germany. Germany is a country that truly offers something for everyone, allowing you to check out top tourist attractions or explore off-the-beaten-path gems. Here's a look at five reasons why you should add Germany to your must-travel list.

Starting Your Planning - Don't Forget Your Travel Visa

Before you get too deep into the planning process, you'll want to look into what travel documents are required. Depending on where you're travelling from, you may need the Germany Schengen Visa. A Germany eVisa is easy enough to obtain, and it's usually a seamless online application process.

Explore a Massive Selection of UNESCO World Heritage Sites

If you've made it a goal to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage Sites as you can, then Germany will prove to be a fabulous destination. It is home to over 50 sites scattered across the country. This means Germany is home to one of the largest collections of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are both natural and cultural sites. The country's first designated World Heritage Site was Aachen Cathedral back in 1978. 

Other World Heritage Sites worth visiting include:

  • Archaeological Border Complex of Hedeby and the Danevirke

  • Caves and Ice Age Art in the Swabian Jura

  • Cologne Cathedral

  • Collegiate Church, Castle and Old Town of Quedlinburg

  • Maulbronn Monastery Complex

  • Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps

  • The Great Spa Towns of Europe

  • Wartburg Castle

The River Cruises are Spectacular

Perhaps the idea of cruising on a massive cruise liner and thousands of other passengers doesn't appeal to you, but you still want to holiday on the water. If that's the case, the river cruises in Germany could be the perfect solution. Cruise along the Maine and Rhine in ships specially built for the popular rivers of Europe. This means they are smaller, more intimate and offer luxurious amenities. Cruising on the river will give you a whole other perspective of the country.

There's Always a Festival to Check Out

If you're the type who loves attending festivals and special events, you'll love the fact that there always seems to be one of them going on in Germany. You may even want to plan your holiday based on a festival that interests you. Just be sure you book well in advance, as accommodation books up quickly when festivals are happening. The most popular festival is Oktoberfest so you can expect large crowds of locals and tourists during this time of year.

Immerse Yourself in Traditional German Cuisine

You simply cannot travel to Germany and not sample the traditional cuisine, as you'd be missing out. There is no shortage of authentic German restaurants - both casual dining and fine dining. 

Some traditional German foods worth sampling include:

  • Bratwurst - grilled sausage

  • Sauerbraten - roast beef stew

  • Kartoffelpuffer = potato pancake

  • Sauerkraut - fermented cabbage

  • Kartoffelkloesse - potato dumplings

So, if you're ready to start planning your next holiday, Germany should sit high on the list of must-visit destinations.