People visiting Japan have a lot of things on their to-do list. Watch the geishas perform in Kyoto, see the cherry blossom trees bloom, and eat as much sashimi as they can. However, they should not miss seeing the country's most famous Shiba Inus.

The Three Shiba Inus are usually seen poking their heads out in the three square holes of their owner's wall, which is located in a residential street in Shimabara, Kyushu island, situated in the southern region of Japan.

Rise To Fame

The cute dogs have gone viral on social media after Twitter user YU-RI shared a photo of the dogs on Twitter in 2016. The image has been retweeted more than 105,000 times and has garnered more that 150,000 likes. Now, countless photo and videos of the dogs can be seen on social media.

The fluffy peeping dogs, which have been catapulted to celebrity status, are flocked by locals and tourists who want to see them. If the dogs are not in their usual spot, chances are, they will come to the square holes when they are called.

The Shiba Inus are always game for a photoshoot, a hello from a stranger, or even a scratch behind its ears.

The square openings were most likely created in order to facilitate drainage and airflow for the owner's garden. However, the three dogs found a new, not to mention cleverer, purpose for them.

Now, the owner has built a total of 18 holes for the curious pooches so they can see more of the neighborhood, and maybe get more airflow for the plants.

Shiba Inus International Visitors

Because of how popular the dogs have gotten, international guests have added it to the must-visit spots in their Kyushu itinerary. Although people can take as many photos as they want, they are not allowed to feed the dogs. A sign above the holes reads "we'll get upset stomachs, so please don't feed us."

YouTuber Miguel Yeh from Taiwan visited the celebrity dogs and said that the dogs are not just cute, but also nice. Usually, they come out of the window if they hear someone calling them and put their heads through the little openings.

The dogs' owner was also very kind, choosing to hide behind the wall while the YouTuber took content for his channel. Yeh said the owner might not want to disturb him. However, when he asked when he was from, he was shocked to know that he came all the way from Taiwan just to see his adorable pets.

The increase of the dog's visitors proves that there's more to the Land of the Rising Sun than its superb ramen restaurants.