The number of travelers has increased these days, be it for personal or work related reasons. This is because travel has become more affordable over time. An efficient flier should keep in mind their mental and physical health before they travel.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle while traveling can help travelers get the most out of their trips. Generally, travelers compromise on food and sleep in order to enjoy the trip. Doing this on every travel can cause serious trouble for frequent fliers.

Here are few secrets that can give an overall better experience and health for frequent travelers:

Stay hydrated and rest well before any trip. The best preparation for any trip should be getting as much sleep as possible, says Nicole William, founder of career advice website and a frequent traveler. She also recommends water over caffeine during journeys, as they make jet lag worse.

Take early morning flights. Taking the first flight of the day is always advantageous. It pays to wake up early and take a morning flight than later in the day, according to Efficient fliers generally opt for flights between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. because they are most often on-time, and just in case the flight may end up being canceled, you can catch another flight within the day.

Always have an airplane kit. An airplane kit always comes handy while traveling. Few efficient travelers carry eye masks, earplugs, a scarf or wrap to keep you warm, and a smartphone loaded with soothing music.

Dress right and nice. Paying a little attention to the choice of clothes might as well make the journey better. Efficient travelers are often noted to be treated better because they are dressed well unlike others who generally prefer to wear clothes that are comfortable for them. If there is any vacant seat, chances of getting an upgrade are more for a person that's well-dressed thatn one in sweatpants and flip-flops.

Choose hotels wisely. Spending more money and choosing a good hotel is always a wise decision. Sleep is essential for the human body. In order to have a relaxing experience, one should take advantage of any special points and upgrade his/her room or services whenever possible. Efficient fliers say that it helps to decompress in between meetings or seminars.

Eat healthy. Travelers are usually enthusiastic to try out every city's signature dish like deep dish pizza of Chicago, tonkatsu of Tokyo, rosette lyonnaise of Lyon, croquettes of Spain. But efficient fliers recommend eating healthy food, too, and suggest carrying a TSA Approved blender, protein powder and stopping at a grocery store immediately after leaving the airport, as per USA Today.

Get adequate sleep. Putting away the laptop an hour before sleeping and limiting alcohol intake is essential for any efficient traveler. Instead of shutting the blinds, let them be open so that early morning sunlight enters the room, preventing you from oversleeping.

Before travel, plan your work. Monica Ferguson, founder of Solemates -- a well-known brand for shoe and shoe related products, advises that efficient travelers should plan their work and put important files on the cloud or hard drive to make them accessible as there's no assurance that you'll have access to the internet throughout your trip.