A man unable to control his urge to urinate was fined, harassed and shamed by a flight attendant aboard a Ryanair flight from Leeds Bradford to Faro, Portugal. The unknown passenger reasoned that all the toilets were blocked and so had to pee on a bottle in the crew's private area.

A portion of the urine splashed on the attendant's jacket that caused him to get angry, according to News. One of the passengers named Sue Francis saw the incident. One of the offending man's friends was able to record the incident showing the crew asking the man if he would like that he pee on his luggage.

Francis who was seated next to the man, the flight was running late and rushed up the passengers to board the plane. A toilet located at the front broke and became unusable so the other passengers queued to the remaining toilets at the rear. However, the same got blocked too.

Francis also said that the man's need to urinate was so intense that he thought of doing it in a bottle. While relieving himself, a stewardess caught him and fined him 90 euro ($135) for "aviation offense."

The commotion was filmed by the man's friend and it showed the other crew members joining their co-attendant. A friend of the man defended him saying that he paid $261 for the flight. One attendant took the details of the offending man. When one of the attendants spotted the man recording the incident, he was asked to stop. He later revealed that the staff were "agitated, aggressive and clearly p***ed off in their job" and described their behavior as "appalling."

The crew who first reprimanded the man stormed away about to cry after he realized he was being filmed. When the aircraft landed, police authorities escorted the man but after the interrogation, he was released.

Francis said that she intervened when the arguments became heated fearing that somebody might get hurt. She also approached the steward and told him that the whole thing was taken out of order. The concerned woman told the crew that he should have defecated on his seat but they wanted him to pee in his pants. She waited with the man when he was interrogated and butted in saying that if the toilets were functioning, the incident could have been avoided.

Daily Mail reported that the passenger said that he only peed a little but was asked to stop and he did. He also admitted that the floor got a little wet. The man was asked to clean up his mess and he also did but he still was referred to airport police upon landing.

A representative of the aircraft said that they have taken the matter to the authorities because they are maintaining peace and safety for the sake of their passengers. The plane landed safely and the matter was now in the hands of the police.