Air rage can be avoided by paying $18 (£14) to the person at the back in case you want to recline your seat. This has been the result of an experiment conducted by two New York-based professors, Christopher Buccafusco and Christopher Jon Sprigman.

The study made conclusions that some people are willing to pay the man behind just to enjoy reclining during a flight. If the other person agrees, then no problem will arise. In situations where the person at the back will not permit, then etiquette says according to Travel & Leisure, not to recline.

Some are good enough to agree to receive a gift from the airline goodies cart and fly the few hours with straight up seats reports The Sun. So what is the proper way of doing things?

Airline seats do recline and the one who purchased the seat has a right to recline it. However, there are situations when the man at the back is huge or long-legged that when you recline, your head is already in front of the other fellow's face. So, good manners dictate that you should not recline your seat.

If you want to recline, it is best to ask the person at the back politely. If there are seats with unoccupied seats at the back you can opt to occupy the seat in front. Everything should be done politely. If you really need to recline your seat, and the other fellow at the back agrees that you pay him, then the better.

The bottom line is that no one is uncomfortable. It is best to give the other person a heads up before reclining so that you will know the other person's opinion. In this way, air rage can be avoided and the flight will be peaceful and enjoyable.