A dilapidated mansion located at Winchester Road in Lexington is now the set of a horror film titled "The Wiccan." Film director Alex Merkin shared that the house is the perfect location for the film because, despite its rotting state, it still shows its former grandeur.

Very old houses, especially the one formerly inhabited by people who were wealthy but had dark characteristics behind them, are the best locations for horror films. This has led Bryan Sexton to use the Winchester Road mansion. He has been aware of the Meadow Crest mansion at Winchester Road for years but with the filming of "The Wiccan," he was able to enter into the old mansion and discovered its mysteries.

The owner of Distilled Media also shared that the place is almost inhabited by snakes but fortunately they did not have problems with snakes while shooting. The rundown rooms in the upper portion of the house were utilized. Sexton who does not love watching horror movies but loves making them chose the old mansion that he used to pass by as he is a resident of Lexington.

Merkin also shared that he appreciates the history of the house according to Herald Leader. The crew was told that the owner used to mix poison to select bottles of his wine collection to thwart his employees from stealing and drinking them. The director revealed that he has personally seen ghosts in the house.

"The Wiccan" is a story of a group of teens who explores a house, unaware that a witch occupies it. Historically, "Wiccan" is also known as "Pagan Witchcraft" which is a contemporary pagan religion that originated in England. It is usually duotheistic characterized with worshipping a god and a goddess also viewed as the Moon Goddess and the Horned God.

The film showcases the pagan beliefs on various deities and the existence and activities of witches. "The Wicca" will be released this fall.