An official report from the World Economic Forum in April indicates Spain, France, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom as leading the world's travel industry performance. The study ranked 136 countries based on the feasibility to conduct business and the safety the local authorities and military could provide, hygiene and the successes of different stakeholders in the country's tourism industry.

According to the World Economic Forum's Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report in 2017, Spain is the world's top vacation destination and has the best performing travel industry. Spain is set to get more visitors this coming summer as its spas and increasingly attractive sustainable tourism, a favorite among young tourists, make it the best-performing country for tourism.

In the actual PDF file from the World Economic Forum, the United States ranks outside the top five being at the sixth place from its previous ranking of fourth. The uncertainty in the United States' economy coupled with new immigration policies had damaged the country's industry drastically. But the overall impression indicates that the US is capable of recovery with proper policy adjustments in the near future.

The United Kingdom remains in its position as the fourth best country to visit. Despite the threat of Brexit against tighter immigration, the sterling's weakening has enticed many travelers to head to Britain and even helped the performance of its import trade. However, the tightening of Brexit, once implemented, could affect the travel industry in the next two years.

France remains in second place, its tourism industry unaffected by terrorist attacks and other security issues raised in the media. Travelers continue to flock the country's scenic cities enabling its travel industry to flourish efficiently. Japan, jumping five places being the fourth best country to visit, would further improve its tourism industry.

Gulf News mentions that developing nations are also increasing their rankings, such as India and the Philippines. India's tourism industry has improved despite transportation troubles. The Philippines is a country that has rich natural resources and has protected areas for further sustainable tourism.