Bathrooms, lavatories, loos, comfort rooms, bidets, and toilets. Call them in any terminologies accepted in your country, but they are quite needed everywhere in the world. Everybody knows them as to where all the dump goes, but who knew these five locations have the best "throne" in the world that travelers would like to see them for themselves?

The Yellow Submarine, San Francisco, CA. Located in Granny's University of the Imagination a.k.a. Jaina A. Davis's home, the toilet integrates a marine-like environment where tiny bits of colorful mosaic tiles were pooled together to make underwater sceneries. There's even an old diving helmet by the sink and a couple of portholes drilled in the toilet. Not to mention, upstairs of Davis' homes, they have a pink powder room with a bohemian-chic interior.

Thicksey Monastery, Ladakh, India. Whether you want to pee or not, the toilet has the best view of the Ladakh region. The Buddhist monks made sure that person will be able to enjoy the mountains and the plains beyond the horizon. If you think of it, if you're going to answer "the call of nature," it's best to do it by watching nature itself from a distance.

Placencia, Belize. There's this islet where all you can see are 10 trees and one lavatory. In fact, it's called "Toilet Island" for a reason. And according to Dose, one should not worry about the stench you're going to give away. "The warm sea breeze will carry the stench back to those plebs who are still doing their business on the mainland, they said.

The Egg Pod at Sketch Restaurant, London. The Sketch Restaurant is a chic, pink dining place fit for all girls in heart. But once you enter the toilet, it's like being in a sci-fi film set. Each toilet is put in an egg-shaped pod while the sinks are located outside the egg case lavatory. One can say it's nearly similar to a cryogenic chamber or an egg of a robotized animal.

Urilift bathroom. Technically, anyone with $75,000 can have the Urilift lavatory. Available mostly in Europe, the bathroom is quite an attraction itself. It can be "lifted up," by a remote control upon needed, and will mostly stay below the ground if there aren't any special events happening in a city. Destination Luxury wrote that it would be better for you to catch this bathroom, pronto!