The Bradley Smith Hair Express Bar has been launched inside the Heathrow Terminal 5, making it the very first airport salon in the UK. The salon is owned by Bradley Smith who is known to be a popular hairdresser for celebrities.

Smith, along with other names on the styling scene, competed in order to catch the three-year contract in Heathrow. Chris Annetts, Retail and Service Proposition Director of Heathrow said that the company is pleased to have the Bradley Smith Hair Express Bar in the arrivals hall of Heathrow Terminal 5. "With so many of our passengers heading straight from the airport to the office or an event in London, this new bar will be the perfect way of ensuring they feel refreshed and look their best," Annetts said in a statement released to Travelers Today.

Passengers arriving at the airport can now pamper and groom themselves after a tiring long-haul flight in Bradley Smith's salon that can be found opposite the Heathrow Express. The Bradley Smith Hair Express Bar offers services for walk-in clients, such as a 15-minute blow dry threading, massage and manicure. The salon also offers haircuts for men, which will only last for seven minutes.

On the other hand, clients who do not want to wait for long can also schedule an appointment through the official website of Bradley Smith. According to the statement, the celebrity stylist said that the salon's aim is to give the customers the essentials that they need when they arrive at Heathrow.

According to Smith, passengers' arrivals are all about doing the basics as fast as possible. Therefore, the Bradley Smith Hair Express Bar can help a lot in getting the passengers fixed, especially those who are arriving for business meetings.

Bradley Smith, who was the founder of Bradley Smith Hair, is a stylist and a famous celebrity hairdresser. In the year 2015, Smith was chosen as a Fellowship for British Hairdressing's member. Some of his notable clients include Craig David and Lady Wilnelia Forsyth. Aside from the one in Heathrow, Smith also has a number of salons in West London.