Travelers usually go to a certain tourist site and appreciate only the building's outside and inner façade. Many don't notice that looking up towards the ceiling is also pleasant view to hold. So, here are five building that has the most beautiful ceilings. Next time when you're here, don't forget to crane your neck up.

Shah Mosque, Isfahan. Blue mosaic tiles cover the dome's ceiling but they're done in an oddly shaped manner that clouds and wraps the dome beautifully. It was master calligrapher and miniaturist Rezza Abbasi who flashes the ceilings with colors with blue, turquoise, pink and green with starry and floral patterns.

Temple Church London. It's a 12th-century church built by the Knights Templar themselves to serve as their headquarters. A common design feature for Knights Templar churches is that it's built in a round-shaped manner. Made with 13th and 14th century stone effigies, the dome was created by a maple-colored hexagonal wood to look like a star. Six windows also alight by the sides of the dome.

San Pantalon, Dorsoduro, Venice. Perhaps the intricacies of the painting will inspire you to travel to Italy. A 17th Century oil painting covers the ceiling that depicts choirs, angels and heaven itself. The highly elaborate work was made by Gian Antonio Fumiani during the late 1600s. As reported by BBC News, 19th Century English critic, John Ruskin, described The Martyrdom and Apotheosis of St Pantalon as "the most curious example in Europe of the vulgar dramatic effects of painting." It's otherwise, actually.

Castello di Sammezzano, Leccio, Italy. Another beautiful ceiling from Italy can be found in the abandoned Italian palazzo near Florence. Artist Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona placed exotic forms and colors that the room's ceiling resembles to that of a peacock. In fact, it is actually known as the Peacock Room in the country.

Maison Carrée, France. This beautiful Greek Temple was designed to honor the late Auguste and the grandsons Lucius Caesar and Caius Julius Caesar. At Nimes, France, the building can take you back from ancient Rome with its marble pillars and decors.