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The Grand Teton National Park Is Picturesque In All Angles

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Mar 13, 2017 04:09 AM EDT

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Grand Teton National Park
The Grand Teton National Park is well-kept by naturalist guides and rangers given its rich wildlife and environment that creates amazing photographs from all angles.
(Photo: Amazing Places On Our Planet/YouTube Screenshot/

In the United States, nature is everywhere and it goes to par the levels of Europe and Asia's forests. America's Grand Teton National Park could be overlooked, because it does not have fancy cliffs or more camping grounds than mainstream national parks have. One thing observers noticed, however, is that the park is beautiful in almost any angle -- from mountains as backdrops to the grassy plains and beautiful wildlife surrounding the area.

According to BBC Travel, Grand Teton National Park Naturalist Guide Kurt Johnson has studied and photographed the ecosystem and the natural abundance of wildlife in the national park. Johnson said that "there is nothing more distinctive and beautiful than the Tetons" during the morning and that "it is a rare sight everyone should see."

If one should see the park, one would find the huge "Heavenward Hikes" for mountain climbers and hikers. Fodors writes that travelers could go on "treks where grizzled frontiersmen roamed." The hike to the top of the Teton Range, the mountain backdrops of most of the park's photos, is simple and fascinating -- perfect for recreational travelers.

Other activities to do in the national park include Snake River, Jackson and Jenny Lake canoeing and kayaking, farm visiting to see the traditional early 1900's facilities for horses and cattle and endless biking routes. Johnson said that wildlife is abundant in the park having spotted a rare great grey owl to seeing beavers create dams to stop river flows which "annoy them" according to the naturalist guide.

Grizzly bears make common appearances in the park -- much to the delight of families and photographers. Aside from rare species of flora, fauna, travelers accompanied by naturalist guides could find red fox vixens and big horn sheep rams, living together in a balanced ecosystem, as Johnson said.

Aside from experiencing the beautiful wonders of nature in the park, travelers could also join "Ranger Programs." Fodors writes that the Junior Ranger Program and Nature Explorer's Backpack Program are kids-oriented, helping rangers and naturalists teach children about the beauty of nature.

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