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Mark Your Calendars For These Days Of Free Admission At US National Parks

Travelers Today       By    Daisuke Imashi

Updated: Mar 02, 2017 04:00 AM EST

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See all U.S. National Parks in One Minute | National Geographic
The dates for the US National Parks free admissions has been recently released with most days falling on a weekend perfect for a three-day trip!
(Photo: National Geographic/YouTube)

The US National Parks free admission will be available to the public for ten days. Here is a rundown of when you can visit them. 

The U.S. National Park Service released the official dates of free admissions on US National Parks. These free admissions will be simultaneously implemented through all of the parks under the USNPS. What is more interesting is that most of the days fall on or around a weekend. It will be a perfect time where travelers can make a tree-day trip of schedule another adventure.

There are more than 400 national parks dotted around the US. It includes monuments, as well as historical sites to discover and learn. Among these 400 national parks, 137 sites normally charge admission. However, during the US National Parks free admissions, entrance fees will be waived for 10 days.

Among the dates included in the list of US National Parks free admissions are Saturday and Sunday, April 15-16 and April 22-23, which are called Weekends of National Park Week. You can also visit the parks on August 25, which falls on a Friday. The parks celebrate the National Park Service Birthday and are all offering free admissions.

Another US National Parks free admissions day is on September 30, a Saturday, which is a National Public Lands Day. You can also visit the US National Parks on November 11 and 12, a Saturday and Sunday, a Veterans Day Weekend where parks are also offering free admissions to all.

For those who cannot wait for these US National Parks free admissions days, you can get for yourself an annual pass for $80. The U.S. National Park Service has numerous passes available, which depends on your qualifications. For Seniors, ages 62 years and older, they can buy a lifetime pass for just $10, says Hello Giggles.

For a complete list of US National Parks free admissions, you may visit the website linked here. You can also check out the schedules and activities on these parks from the list as well as useful information for your planned trips.

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