"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82- 85 spoilers are finally released hinting Goku's efforts to complete the members of Universe 7. Meanwhile, Vegeta and Bulma will have a second child. What does this mean for Goku and his team?

Todd Blankenship‏ with Twitter username Herms98, a well-known tipster about the anime, posted spoilers about Episodes 82 to 85. After sharing it, many fans felt more excited to watch the upcoming episodes.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 did not air on March 12 but will be back on March 19. With the title "I Won't Forgive Son Goku! The Warrior Of Justice Toppo's Intrusion", it will feature the face off of Goku and Toppo. But in a summary shared by Blankenship, it says that Jiren will fight Goku instead of Toppo. Spoilers also indicate that 80 warriors will have a fight at the same time wherein there will be 10 representatives for the 8 universes. Every fight will last for 48 minutes and will start in 40 hours.

Meanwhile, Goku will choose the members of team Universe 7 in Episode 83 that will air March 26 with the title "Form the Universe 7 Team! Who Are the Strongest Ten?" With Vegeta and Bulma having another baby, there is another life that needs protection. With that, Goku needs to get the best fighters for his team.

In Episode 84 titled "So Goku the Talent Scout: Inviting Kuririn and No.18," Goku will invite Kuririn and Android 18 to join the team. This episode will air on April 2. Will the couple join him? Aside from the two, Goku is also looking for Android 18's twin brother, Android 17.

It is in Episode 85 titled "The Universes Get Into Gear: Each One's Thoughts" where Goku will be seen visiting the God Dende in order to find out where Android 17 is. According to Comicbook, viewers will once again welcome Android 17 who is featured in "Dragon Ball Z." On the other hand, the Kaioshins of all the universes will be seen gathering together in Universe 11.

With the release of the "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82-85 titles and summaries, fans are definitely anticipating for the anime to return on March 19. Who do you think will complete Goku's team for Universe 7?