"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 will continue the Universal Survival saga that started last month. But this time, it will be more interesting especially that some are speculating that Goku is evil. Also, instead of airing on March 12, the episode will take a different schedule.

To recall, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 81 featured the battle of Goku and Crusher Bergamo, who is the eldest of the Trio of Dangers. Although Bergamo absorbed the power of Goku and used it against him, Goku still found a way to defeat Bergamo. As the Future Omni-King was impressed with the battle and of the power of Goku, someone wants to confirm something.

While Goku is fighting with Bergamo, Kai (the Kaisohin of Universe 11) asked Toppo, the Universe 11 warrior about what he thinks of Goku. Toppo said that he needs to watch the Saiyan closely so he could assess him. According to TripleRach in Kanzenchuu forum, after Goku won, Toppo jumps into the ring since he wants to talk to Goku. He then introduced himself as the leader of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. He also said that he is a warrior of freedom.

Toppo challenges Goku in a battle. He warned Goku that if he has an evil heart, "he won't be a match for him." Although Goku felt happy that he will face another fight since he wasn't contended with his face off with Bergamo, he was intrigued by Toppo's statement that he has an evil heart.

With that, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 82 will feature a match between Toppo and Goku. Toppo's goal is to check if Goku is a villain. Comicbook added that Toppo is testing if Goku is fool-hearted and is intentionally malicious.

Goku is a little bothered about Toppo calling him a villain. But he will just enjoy the fight especially that he felt excited after knowing that Toppo is powerful. Goku always wants to be challenged during battles.

In a previous report in Travelers Today, Episode 82 will be titled "The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In" and will air on March 19. Fans are wondering why the anime will not air on March 12. Reports reveal that the show is on hiatus because of the Nagoya Women's Marathon. But fans doesn't need to worry since it will finally air on the 19th and Episode 83 will follow on March 26.