"Dragon Ball Super" had been on air for a long time but it appears that the anime will never lose its followers. As a matter of fact, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80, 81, 82 and 83 is getting more and more exciting with the Universe Survival Arc.

This month, the new arc has started and things are getting fiercer. Aside from Goku and his gang, there are new fighters being introduced wherein each of them will be representing a certain universe.

For "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 80, it is titled "Awaken the Dormant Fighting Spirit! Son Gohan's Battle!" which will apparently feature Gohan. Goko's first son will represent Universe 7 and will face a battle with Venomous Lavenda from Universe 9. During the fight, Gohan will be blinded and he won't be able to read Lavenda's ki. How will Gohan attack Lavenda on this condition? Find out when the episode airs on February 26.

After the fight of Gohan, it is Goku's turn to face a battle with Universe 9. On March 5, Episode 81 titled “Crusher Bergamo vs. Son Goku! Which Has Sky-High Strength?!” will feature the face off of Goku and Bergamo of Universe 9.

Spoilers indicate that Bergamo is a tricky foe as he gets the stadium on the side of Universe 4 and completely against Goku's team. He also has the ability to turn his opponent's attacks into his power. But one shocking thing that will happen in this episode is when Omni-King accepted Bergamo's proposal. He said that if Universe 4 wins, he will withdraw his plan of wiping out the losers.

Furthermore, Todd Blankenship, also known as Herms98 on Twitter, also posted the tentative titles for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes 82 and 83. Episode 82 will be titled "The Righteous Warrior Toppo Bursts In" which will air on March 19. The synopsis is not yet released but it is revealed that Warrior Toppo will appear. Warrior Toppo is an extremely powerful leader of the hero team "The Pride Troopers" from Universe 11. As a matter of fact, he is next on the line to become a God of Destruction.

Meanwhile, "Dragon Ball Super" episode 83 will air on March 26 with the title "Forming the Universe 7 Representative Team." Although no summary about the episode is released yet, Reddit users speculate that this episode is merely about how Goku will choose the seven fighters for Universe 7.

Also, another news that fans of the anime need to know is the brief hiatus of the show. It will not air on March 12 and the reason for the hiatus is not yet known. "Dragon Ball Super" airs in Japan every Sunday on Fuji TV at 10 p.m. ET.