Want to earn more miles? Read on and learn about the simple hacks that can let you travel more. 

Carriers like Virgin Atlantic and British Airways can reward travelers many great perks. These range from a wide array of privileges like priority boarding and premium lounge access ti name a few. One fatal mistake that travelers commit when it comes to missing out air miles is not collecting the points.

Most travelers do not believe their points will ever add up to anything of value. Several others do not even sign up to collect the air miles. Travel specialist Gary Leff suggested signing up to every rewards program. This goes to everyone even if you only intend to fly with an airline once.

Leff also told Conde Nast Traveler via Express that passengers need to pay attention to all the ways they do things on a daily basis, which can earn them miles rewards.He added that most points are earned from other things aside from flying.

Your accounts, as well as the points you earn, can be logged on an app like AwardWallet. This way, you can keep track any bonuses or rewards you might get. Aside from those, he also recommends signing up for a credit card that earns miles on airlines. You can also earn air miles in cardio cards like Virgin Atlantic American Express. Other cards available are British Airways American Express and Lloyds Bank Premier Avios Reward credit account.

And you might need those air miles at the cost of a tourist visa for one of the UK’s favorite holiday destinations is set to soar. The cost of a tourist visa for Egypt is about to increase to more than double the current price. The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has confirmedt this already.