One flight of British Airways has been recently delayed for approximately four hours. The major cause of this inconvenience was a sneaky mouse found inside the plane.

British Airways Flight BA285 was scheduled to takeoff from London to San Francisco at 10:40 a.m. GMT. However, prior to the scheduled take off, passengers were advised that they were all rebooked on another flight because a tiny mouse was spotted on the aircraft.

The independent reported that the presence of a mouse on a British Airways Flight BA285 no matter how small, is not really as harmless as it sounds. A mouse has the tendency to chew through wiring and other cables. It is a part of the standard operating procedure that when one is found on a plane, the flight crew is required to perform thorough inspection before the aircraft is deemed safe to travel.

The recent flight delay could have cost the British Airways' flight approximately $300,000 in passenger reimbursements and travel expenses. Under EU compensation rules, furloughed fliers could be eligible for 600-pounds around $735 in reimbursement for extremely late flights. In addition, travelers who missed connecting flights in San Francisco could also be eligible to the financial claim. On top of that, they can also claim any overnight expenses they may incur.

The delayed flight has created mixed reaction from its passengers. One passenger, Mark Watt, said on his twitter account that his flight to SFO has been cancelled because of a mouse on board the plane. Joking, he asked if the tiny rodent could get a visa. Another passenger, said that he was going to sell the idea to the movie producer; somehow he said it could be a good prequel to "Snakes on a Plane."

The cancelled flight was later replaced by a Boeing 777. Finally, passengers were able to leave Heathrow Airport at 3:56 p.m. local time.