Rome's Colosseum is looking for a new boss, and instead of opening the vacancy for the directorship of the ancient site to Italians only, the culture office is seeking worldwide applications to those who are qualified to be the next head. The chosen applicant will enter the four-year contract with income earning up to $200,000 annually and $48,000 more in merit.

According to News Australia, the vacancy was created when the government has ended a special status by the Colosseum. As it's the most visited tourist spot in the country, the revenue is placed directly under the ministry's jurisdiction, the report says.

The Colosseum alone has drawn 4.5 million visitors each year and has undergone a couple of restorations throughout the years for maintenance and upgrade, as well as the building of a new visitor center. The job would entail looking over the whole operations of the site as well as managing rowdy tourists from defacing the amphitheater.

Two months ago, Culture Minister Dario Franceschini told The Telegraph that, "Today's vandalism on the Colosseum is an affront to a monument symbol of the world's cultural heritage." Local authorities are considering in passing a law that creates a no-go zone area in the amphitheater.

The Colosseum has suffered countless break ins and vandalisms with a ratio of six incidents per year. Last month, a woman named Sabrina carved the inscription "Sabrina 2017" on the pillars with an ancient coin. In January, two Brazilian tourists entered the amphitheater illegally with one of them fell 13 ft high and broke a hip bone.

The management staff also discovered a graffiti with the word "Morte' on the marble pillars. Visitors should be aware that a fine reaching to €20,000 awaits violators who deface the Colosseum. Meanwhile, the culture office of Italy is trying to "invigorate museum and monument leadership" by hoping to have international applicants for the said spot.