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Las Vegas E-Sports Arena Aimed At Younger Travelers

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 28, 2017 03:15 AM EST

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Game publishing and development company Valve's first-ever Dota 2 World Championships had proven to be successful after receiving huge fanfare and exhilarating games for both participants and riders. Las Vegas aims to capitalize on modern multiplayer gaming by introducing its first electronic sports venue to attract millennials alongside Baby Boomers and Generation X into Sin City.

Similar to all venues Valve utilized from America to Asia and Europe, Las Vegas' E-Sports Arena has a dedicated 15,000 square foot venue complete with big monitors covering all four sides of the arena to view the performance and off-game activities of competing teams. The arena would open by March 3 and would host the first Halo World Championship qualifier competition with a $50,000 grand prize for three days according to Fox News.

Gaming, entertainment, and everything else in between makes Las Vegas a venue to visit for anyone. However, Millenials are not attracted to the adult-oriented entertainment in the city. CNBC cites Fifth Street Gaming CEO Seth Schorr who said, "We've always come up with ways to maintain our position as the entertainment capital of the world," likely pertaining to the development of Las Vegas' E-Sports Arena.

Millennials -- being better informed and educated in financial education -- are less likely to gamble or succumb to the temptations of Las Vegas. However, an entire facility that caters to their needs, such as high-speed internet, casual gaming, and network gaming using public consoles offered by the E-Sports Arena, could enable them to give the aging entertainment city a chance.

According to millennial Esports CEO Alex Igelman, younger people "are not enamored by the glitz and glitter of something" because "it's all about authenticity for them." While not limited to Millenials, luxury travel trends are moving out from "glitter" and more to the value and experience a destination offers travelers.

Aside from E-sports gaming, Las Vegas millenials can also participate in side-betting in big games. The potential of E-sports continues to be big. According to CNBC, the sport now attracts more than 323 million people per year watching from the Internet due to limited seating and accommodations in conventional venues.

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