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The Cottage In Iceland From Where You Can Watch The Northern Lights

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 28, 2017 03:22 AM EST

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Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights is a wonder one could witness possibly once in life. Scientists have yet to determine the actual times these lights appear throughout the year. If they strongly feel they could see the Northern Lights during their journey, travelers would be wise to make their trip to Iceland in the best location to view the Aurora Borealis -- in this little cottage.

Travel and Leisure's impression of this small cottage owned by an artist and equestrian Maja Siska feels like it came out of a storybook. Just like a scene out of the musical "Sound of Music," the cottage is on a 320-acre farm and is a cottage that is quite small with a single bedroom and just a living area. No free WiFi and other fancy amenities here -- just travelers and Iceland's natural beauty.

Across the fields during the day, travelers could find a view of Iceland's Hekla volcano. Where there are volcanoes, there are natural hot springs; travelers can head to these barely-touched hot springs for a natural spa.

The quiet and lovely atmosphere of this lovely little home has drawn travelers to the cottage aside from the possibility that Aurora Borealis would appear. Without nearby houses and the absence of lampposts, lighting is scarce at night. A candlelit dinner by the porch under the beauty of the Milky Way and possibly the Northern Lights sounds like an amazing feature any hotel or Airbnb stay could possibly offer.

Photographs from Small House Bliss indicates the small cottage appears not as a rugged cabin-style rural vacation home -- but instead has the essentials of modern living minus advanced technology. The small cottage has a sofa, a small dining area by the window near the sink and food preparation area. One might compare it to a two-storey single bedroom apartment.

The cottage is in itself attractive but according to reviewers from Homeway -- cited by Travel and Leisure -- 60 visitors note that Siska's hospitality has plenty to do with their willingness to stay and even repeat their vacation in the cottage.

Hearing horses in the morning, enjoying the view of the mountainside and its quiet and the Northern Lights, the moon and the stars as evening is something one could consider as heaven. Maja Siska's cottage by the Aurora Borealis is a true unique experience.

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