It has been more than a decade since "Samurai Jack" ended, and a lot of fans thought that that really was the end of it. Season 4 ended without a resolution for Jack, and so a lot fans hope that there is going to be a comeback. Their prayers have been answered.

"Samurai Jack" is coming back, and in the show's timeline, it's been 50 years since we last saw him, IGN said. Apparently, the world is not like before anymore, but our hero is still the same. Creator Genndy Tartakovsky said that they wanted to do what they did in the old days, "but do it newer, do it better."

Tartakovsky said that he gets accosted wherever he goes. According to Polygon, the creator said that in the last decade, people just grab him and demand to know if he is going to finish Jack's story and if it's going to be a movie.

A clip for "Samurai Jack" Season 5 has been released, and it shows a masked man on an armored motorcyle with spikes, faced with a horde of bugs. The clip promises a fantastic animation plus Jack's fighting skill is clearly still intact. Jack is sporting a beard now, but he doesn't age because of time travel.

Phil LaMarr, the voice of Samurai Jack said that there are a lot of characters that people let go, but not Jack. "People will come up and ask me to voices for shows I barely remember doing," LaMarr said, but Jack has always stayed with him.

"Samurai Jack" is a story about Jack, a time-displaced samurai, who travels back in time to defeat the tyrannical Aku. The episodes range from dark to comical, and the series has many amazing battle scenes, so kids who are not familiar of the series, will still appreciate it. Season 5 returns on March 11 on Adult Swim.