We have finally witnessed the most awaited reunion between Sanji and Luffy in "One Piece". The reunion has been a big moment for fans who have anticipated the meeting for so long. So what's going to happen now, and what will the Straw Hats do to win over Big Mom?

"One Piece" has certainly come a long way with the story having debuted in 1997, ComicBook said. The manga has now accumulated almost 900 chapters, and even so, a lot of fans still find the story gripping. In a previous report, it is said that the series is about 70 percent done.

That's still a long way to go, and for now, the plot has just become more interesting. Chapter 857 spoilers said that Luffy, Sanji, and the other Straw Hats are going to fight Big Mom and her troops during Sanji and Pudding's wedding.

Luffy said that what he wanted most of all is to be back on board with the Straw Hat Pirates.  After they have reunited, Sanji and Luffy decided to wreck the wedding, and the next chapter will show them executing their plan, reports say. The Whole Cake Island may just turn into a battlefield in the upcoming chapter.

There are speculations as to how chapter 857 will be like courtesy of fans in Reddit. Although the Straw Hats have plans and disrupting the wedding, but the Vinsmokes have a plan, too. The previous chapter showed Jinbe talking about a plot that will turn the wedding upside down.  He did open up the topic in Mirror World, but did not get the chance to fully explain it.

In "One Piece" chapter 857, Jinbe may finally reveal the details of his plan to the Straw Hats. It is believed to have something to do with Bobbin getting shot by the three shadowed figures. This treacherous plan would definitely cause some action in the coming chapter.