While traveling can be very therapeutic, it can't be helped that some parts of the trip can be so stressful. Waiting in long lines at the airport, delayed or canceled flights, minor problems with the tours--all of these things can taint your idea of a perfect vacation.

That's why a lot of people give great thanks to portable gaming consoles. These mini gaming devices help us brave all the hours of waiting and of course, allows us to bring our favorite games even while we travel. Not to mention the fact that there are so many places to sell video games online for cash (which comes in handy when you're traveling) and of course get new games to occupy the dull moments of the journey. Thinking of purchasing one of your own? Here are some of the best portable gaming consoles for travel:   

Logitech Powershell controller for iOS 7. At last, iOS users can finally purchase a convenient controller for their iPhones. A lot of today's favorite video games are on the App store now anyway, and it's certainly a great invention and its easy enough controllability is a plus. For $100 this is not a bad purchase at all.

PlayStation Vita PCH-2000. Aside from playing games, you can also watch videos and movies in this handheld console because of its feature that allows the downloading of Netflix and Youtube. It can also be connected to the internet and its not that bulky to bring because of its lightweight design. Its battery life is also suitable for long hours of traveling.

MOGA Pro Power controller for Android. For avid android gamers, this is certainly a wish come true. At last, MOGA has finally made an Android phone controller that has relatively nothing to complain about. Its top-notch performance is praised, and it has the ability to charge a device while playing. 

Nintendo 3DS XL. The new version of Nintendo 3DS allows players to play their favorite games in 3D mode without glasses, but if you're worried for your battery's life you can just turn it off. It's also compatible with a very wide range of games unlike other consoles, and it has some of the best video games ever to be made on the planet.

NVIDIA Shield portable video game console. There are some video games only best played when using a desktop computer, but you most certainly can't lug one during traveling, can you? This demand is why Shield is made. It has the ability to stream video games from your desktop to this console, so you can player your favorite computer game anywhere you go. Instead of bringing your laptop and paying for the extra baggage, just load your favorite games here and while your hours away.