Mcdonald's is a trademark American fast food chain, with its famous Big Mac, fries and chicken nuggets. But did you know that this place can be classy too?

Introducing McCafe, a classy coffee shop in Paris. You wouldn't find any burgers or fries in here, but you can order a bagel, freshly ground coffee, and choose from an array of sweet delicacies.

This concept store made by Mcdonald's is their attempt to diversify outside their world of burgers and other fast food items. An open kitchen is located here, with about 30 seats available for dining in.

The exterior, as well as the interior of the McCafe, is totally unrecognizable from the signature Mcdonald's design with its trendy, upscale coffee-shop setting. All the decorations are focused on coffee-- just like what you would see in your typical Starbucks joint.

According to Business Insider, McCafe sells sweet treats such as: "macaroons, cupcakes, tiramisu, flan, muffins, marshmallow bars, and brownies, as well as a variety of plain and flavored coffee drinks including espressos, macchiatos, and lattes."

If you want some heartier options, they also sell pastrami and bagels toasted with salmon. Curb your appetite for the Big Mac and extra-large fries, you won't find them here.

McCafe opened in the streets of Paris in the last week of August last 2016. But this isn't the first time Mcdonald's wanted to try something new. A first McCafe already opened last 2010 in front of the Mcdonald's in Paris. A DIY salad bar was the feature of the whole concept, but sadly it did not fare well with the locals and had to shut down after a year.

"McDonald's is continuously experimenting to diversify its range, develop new services, and create new formats," a McDonald's spokesperson said in a statement during the opening of McCafe last year. "This summer, McDonalds has been trialling its McCafe world in Paris. This trial has just begun so it is too soon to draw any conclusions from the initiative other than the fact that 25 to 30 jobs will be created."