The famous fast food chain McDonald, announced that it will be having a new addition to its breakfast menu. The all new Chicken McGriddle is a breakfast sandwich made with maple flavored pancakes to its all day menu.

According to Food Beast, after several taste tests of the Chicken McGriddle in Ohio last year, McDonald's has released the new breakfast sandwich into different locations all over Florida. It has also been reported that this new sandwich has only been released in this area for a limited time only and will be on the all-day breakfast menu pretty much soon.

McDonald's new Chicken McGriddle did not start off as a corporate plan of creativeness.It was reported in Consumerist that all of this happened due to the idea of creating something unique and different to the market by the owner of eight Ohio McDonald's plus a group of other operatorrs and self proclaimed taste testers as well.

Overall this is a great idea in addition to its fast food menu take on chicken and pancakes which is a crispy fried piece of chicken from the McChicken sandwich, combined with the sweet and soft McGriddle pancake as the bun. It's not a massive calorie overload either which is good if your health conscious.

McDonalds have the official picture of the sandwich on their website as well as the nutritional facts that consist a single sandwich. A single meal of it consist of 390 calories although the 15 grams of fat and 1000 mg of sodium are a bit hurtful to say the least, talking about those fats.

With the high demand of friend chicken in breakfast meals, we expect this brand new sandwich will be a huge plus to the market. McDonald's is hoping that it comes to restaurants across the country and around the world in the near future so we can all enjoy the all new Chicken McGriddle for ourselves to try and rate. For more of the latest food news and current updates stay tuned to Travelers Today.