After McDonald's announced the launch of its operations in Vatican City last October, the multinational fast-food company drew disapproval from the locals who claim that the opening of the franchise in Rome would divert the Roman culture and tradition.

According to a report by CBS News, tourists and natives can always get a taste of the Roman delicacies along St. Peter's Square where you can find various little trattorias that offer classics such as cacio e pepe. But come the last week of December 2016, residents of Vatican City can now savour the world-famous Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets.

One of the established Italian classic restaurants you can find across the street of St. Peter's Basilica is the one owned by Manuel Tosti's family who has been doing the business for four generations. Tosti said in an interview with CBS News that the continuation of the operation of McDonald's in Vatican City produces a lot of problems.

"It's a multinational that has the same food everywhere - whereas we do pasta - that's famous around the world and typical Roman dishes," Tosti added. He also confirmed that the opening of McDonald's has already hurt the operation of their family business.

Cardinal Elio Sgreccia, one of the religious leaders of the Vatican has also expressed his opposition to McDonald's during the time when the fast-food company first declared its opening in Rome saying that it is a "disgrace". Cardinal Sgreccia told La Repubblica, an Italian daily general-interest newspaper that the franchise shows not respect to the architectural and urban traditions of St. Peter's Square overlooking the colonnade of St. Peter.

On the other hand, a report by Travel and Leisure revealed that regardless of the criticisms from the local residents, a Vatican agency has leased the place to McDonald's with a reported lease fee of 30,000 euros per month, equivalent to 31,375.50 US dollars. On 2016, Starbucks has also publicized its proposals of opening cafés in Rome. Locals had also expressed their disagreement towards the said plans of the hit coffee franchise.