All of us have our own comfort food when we are sick. But it actually differs in every culture. Here are some dishes/comfort foods people around the world crave for when they are sick:

Burnt Toast with Marmite, South Africa. Africans always turn to this food combination whenever they have a bad stomachache or any kind of food poisoning. Marmite is similar to vegemite, and eating burnt toast is somewhat similar to eating activated charcoal. It's an old African stomachache remedy that never fails.

Okayu, Japan. Okayu is a bland rice porridge most Japanese eat when they're coming down with the flu or a severe cold. It's a hot, hearty meal that's light enough to digest easily, but because it doesn't have any strong flavor some Japanese include a pickled fruit or vegetable to go with the meal.

Arroz Caldo, Philippines. Similar to Okayu, this rice porridge is made of chicken stock and includes bit-sized pieces of chicken and boiled egg. Filipinos especially eat this when they have a sore throat or can't swallow any solid food due to cough or any throat-related problems. To add flavor, they use fish vinegar.

Chicken Noodle Soup, United States. Americans love Chicken Noodle Soup when they're sick. Most of them prefer the Thai version and often goes to Thai restaurants to get them, but a homemade version is also fine. This dish is typically made of egg noodles, shredded chicken and assorted vegetables mixed in a hot broth.

Borscht, Russia. To foreigners, this soup looks very intimidating in its red color, but it's actually a bowl of very nutritious broth. It's made up of different vegetables like beet, cabbage, onions and garlic, and it's commonly eaten during flu season or especially when it's very cold.

Samgyetang, South Korea. Porridge and noodles soups are popular in Asia, but South Koreans have their own twist in making those by stuffing garlic, jujube, sticky rice and other herbs in a small whole chicken before bringing it to a boil. It's a common dish to eat when it's especially cold, and to provide lots of energy when they're feeling weak.