A lot of people think about Egypt right away when they hear the word "pyramid." However, there are other places where you can find these ancient treasures. In fact, there's even one country that has more of these than Egypt. 

Surprisingly, Sudan has more pyramids even if you double the number of pyramids that Egypt has. The country is just under the radar because of the current political issues that it's facing right now. Independent reported that the government's top priority isn't tourism as of the moment.

It's all up to the traveler's to take the lead when it comes to visiting this rich and historical place. It's a good alternative for travelers who want to avoid the huge crowds of Egypt's pyramids.

The pyramids of Meroe is the main attraction in Sudan and there are more than 200 pyramids in the area. The reason why Sudan has its pyramids is that Egypt once conquered the Nubians (Kush Kingdom). The Kush kingdom then adopted all the traditions and culture of Egypt.

However, it started when the Egyptian empire collapsed and the Nubian kingdom of Kush rose into power and the Kushite Kings, who ruled from 712 - 657 BCE, moved the burial grounds from Napata to Meroe

The succeeding rulers of Meroe continued the pharaonic tradtional practices which resulted to the erection of pyramids and other symbolic structures. According to Places Of Peace And Power, the Kushite political system was strong which is shown in its vast area filled with ruins of pyramids, temples and palaces that extends for miles at Meroe.

There are tours that offer travelers a chance to visit Sudan's pyramids. Explore offers a 12-day trip that would take you around the ancient pyramids of Meroe. 

It would require a visa to enter Sudan and there's no easy access to ATM machines. It would be best to bring cash and have it changed at the airport right away.