Traveling to the great outdoors is one way of experiencing what nature can offer. In Southern Utah, the Zion National Park can provide that kind of experience with its mountainous areas, magnificent canyons and fascinating landscapes. Here are 5 reasons to visit Zion National Park.

Getting Wet In The Narrows. For adventure seekers, The Narrows are the best place to visit. You can spend hours of hiking as your feet gets wet by the cold water coming from the Virgin River. According to Life Utah Elevated, another hiking site is Angels landing which is one of the best hiking sites across the country.

Visiting The Emerald Pools. The Emerald Pools are another beauty that should be discovered by travelers. USA Today reported that the pools are divided into three parts and each part would require travelers to hike to reach the pool. Also, each level increases in difficulty as you try to reach the last pool. 

Camping. Finding a nice hotel in Utah to visit Zion's National Park is a good idea, however, it's a totally different experience when camping outdoors. The Watchman Campground and South Campground are the perfect places in Zion Canyon to stay at.

Wildlife Watching. Zion's National Park is very rich in wildlife. In fact, there are about 200 species of birds in the area. The area is home to the Peregrine falcon, bald eagle and California condor. It's even considered as one of the rehabilitation areas for the Peregrine falcon.

Canyoneering and Rock Climbing. You haven't been to Zion National Park if you haven't tried canyoneering and rock climbing. The park has some of the best spots perfect these activities. It's an activity for the experienced travelers but there are also guides that teach basic canyoneering to first-timers.

For travelers who want to experience outdoor fun, then Zion's National Park is a must try. The park is a thing of  beauty that showcases what nature has to offer.