Italy is one of the most popular romantic destinations which opens all year round to accommodate travelers from all over the world.  But with that being said, it can get a bit crowded and expensive at times. It is important to know some travel tips as to when to visit Italy.

Ideal Seasons

According to Frommer's, April to June and mid-September to October are the ideal months if you want lesser crowds but still have the comfortable daytime temperatures with picturesque rural scenes. However, late October has a shorter operation time since hotels are closed for renovation and redecoration.

Seasonal Rates

Another consideration is the fluctuating rates and prices. Hotel prices in Rome and Florence surge high during May and June due to peak tourist seasons. While mid-September to March offers cheaper airline fares as well as lower rates for apartments and villas. But if you're looking for the best deals, winter is the best time except on Christmas breaks.

Culinary Calendar

USA Today suggests that travelers should consult the kitchen calendar which caters two seasons. The fall season allows you to party in the well-known grape harvest and to experience the chestnut roasting in the famous paved streets. The springtime is a culinary experience with its fresh fava beans garnished with pecorino cheese and a scene of busy markets displaying their fresh native produce.

August Advice

If you love the summer's warmth, August is ideal for you with the rates getting cheaper in Florence, Rome and less teeming attractions. Aside from that, you would surely enjoy the free cultural events and concerts that Rome offers.  But a tour in Turin and Milan should be unmarked on your list since they become temporary ghost towns.

There is much to explore in Italy but be mindful of the travel tips that would definitely help you get the best deals. Always consider the ideal season for the fun activities and the culinary calendar for the authentic Italian food experience.