The definition of "overrated" is something almost anyone raves about but ends up unrewarding or completely different from the initial description. Like a withdrawn or broken promise, avoid travelling to these five completely overrated destinations to avoid disappointment in your 2017 travels.

It could be appalling for some to see it on this list, but London's "London Eye," the impressive sky-high Ferris-wheel style ride that showcase an amazing view of the city, is completely disappointing for a completely different reason. While the ride is satisfying the beauty of looking at the city, tourists would spend more time lining up to it rather than seeing other venues including informative museums and even amazing historic sites in London. It almost takes a day to ride.

In America is the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in Los Angeles -- which is a completely lacking experience. If travelers are interested by prints of celebrities, let alone brag about stepping on where celebrities once were, this destination could work. Otherwise, it would be a waste of time.

In Europe is the over-sold Amsterdam, made famous by movies such as "Eurotrip," which focuses on the Dutch city's liberal take on many things restricted in most countries. Amsterdam is noisy and crowded with tourists. According to Travel and Leisure, the "Red Light District" is "charmless" unless one finds "drunken stag parties" and "smells of urine" descriptions of a good time.

Denver "Mile-High" City is as overrated as they come. It is still a great city to head to in America, but playing cowboy by giving in to retailers selling cheap cowboy hats (deeply rooted in Denver's culture), visiting the gigantic Coors' Beer Brewery or eating at overpriced historic restaurants is not a good way to spend time in the destination.

Back in Britain, Stonehenge is another disappointment. According to Escape Here, the seemingly strange stone pattern believed to be alien in origin is inaccessible due to barricades and well, because they are motionless rocks void of any true culture except hype, gossip and pseudoscience.