Israel's capital of Tel Aviv is not an affordable destination, so heading to this side of the world will require time and preparation. Israel's culture is far different from American or European traditions, yet it has a jolly atmosphere. While Israel's security is in question, these five things in Tel Aviv in 2017 are worth your time, effort--here are some of them. 

Ajami Beach is memorable and most travelers could not stop thinking about it. According to Pink News, Ajami Beach and other Israeli beaches in Tel Aviv helped propel the city up to its top 10 list of beach cities for 2015. Ajami beach has its own set of palm trees and -- unlike the other beaches in the city -- it is quiet and peaceful at best.

According to Harpers Bazaar UK, Museums never grow old and if travelers have yet to do so, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art showcases the best updated works of Israeli artists and features truly amazing architecture. The history of Tel Aviv and Israel are updated from its inception to modern events -- and amazing enough with less bias on any side.

For couples planning to spend Valentines in Israel, Flamenco and other dance festivals are due this February. According to The Jerusalem Post, the Vertigo Dance Company, a Cinderella Play, and the International Flamenco Festival are all happening this month in Tel Aviv. While they happen on almost a yearly basis, the month of February is full of cultural spectacles in Tel Aviv this 2017.

Ramesses is full of street hawkers and, despite its bustling form with chatter and business transactions, remains a relaxed destination. For individual travelers, food from Mediterranean-style dishes to amazing Greek and Egyptian delicacies await. Go at night for maximum pleasure.

Jafa's Flea Market -- which had been mentioned before -- is still a prime 2017 destination for souvenirs and everything related to knick-knacks and lovely Israeli antiques. Head to "Shuk Hapishpishim" and find plates and amazing bargains -- given travelers are experienced in the practice of haggling.