In terms of choosing Morocco as a vacation destination, many people around the world would immediately name the capital city of Rabat or the tourist hub of Marrakech. However, one should bear in mind that there are other wonderful cities to visit for those who plan to travel to Morocco.

Among the places in Morocco worth mentioning are Tangiers and Fez. Selecting either of the two in the general itinerary depends on what kind of experience outsiders are expecting.

There are a number of reasons why tourists would visit Tangiers. These are the following features this Moroccan city has:

Caves of Hercules

One of the key attractions people will find when they visit Tangiers is the Cave of Hercules. This cavern is famous for having a seaward chasm that resembles the shape of the African continent. In ancient times, this awesome limestone tunnel was inhabited by the Phoenicians.

The Sons of the Strait

Another fascinating attraction visitors would love in Tangiers is the local traditional band called The Sons of the Strait. They have been playing traditional Berber music for over 40 years. They usually frequent at the Les Fils du Detroit clubhouse located within the 'kasbah.'

Classy Nightlife

If there is one compelling reason to visit Tangiers, it is for a great nightlife experience. This coastal city is replete with open-air cafes that provide a scenic view of the Atlantic Ocean. One of the best nightlife locations is the El Morocco Club - famed for its reminiscent American Prohibition Era interior layout.   

As opposed to Tangiers, these are the number of reasons why travelers would visit Fez:

UNESCO World Heritage Farm

The Volubilis is a partly excavated metropolis that thrived during the Ancient Roman period. Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site 20 years ago, this vast scenic countryside takes visitors back in time.   

Café Clock

Anyone interested in learning traditional Moroccan recipes should take cooking workshops in Café Clock. This cozy bistro is one of the country's ideal restaurants that serve exotic meals such as camel burger.  

Festive Daytime Medina

If there is any compelling reason to visit Fez, it is for its lively daytime atmosphere. The city 'medina' is crowded during the daytime. Farm beasts contribute to the confusion and traffic made by people milling about in the pedestrian plazas.