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Experience Living In The Middle Ages: Discover Bunratty Castle In Ireland

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 07, 2017 04:21 AM EST

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IRELAND - Bunratty Castle & Folk Park
Bunratty Castle & Folk Park is one of Ireland's premier visitor attractions and is a ‘must-visit’ for every visitor to the Shannon region.
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If you're a fan of history, then you're probably interested in traveling to different parts of the world, exploring ancient ruins and medieval castles. But what if you can have the chance of stepping back in time, and discover what's it like to live in the Middle Ages?

The Bunratty Castle & Folk Park in Ireland is a must-visit attraction for history buffs. Located in southwest Ireland, the castle site used to be a Viking trading camp in 970 A.D. Today, the castle and the folk park were restored close to its original beauty and splendor, giving each visitor a one-of-a-kind experience on how life is during the medieval times.

A local tourist agency can help you arrange your tour in Bunratty Castle. Upon admission each visitor is required to pay an entrance fee, which gains you entrance to the castle proper and the folk park. Inside, it is recommended to explore every bit of the castle itself, and prepare to be amazed by the largest collection of medieval furniture you could probably ever see in your life.

The walled gardens on the castle grounds are also a marvelous sight. Back in the Victorian era, these gardens were the source of fruits and vegetables of the royal family of Bunratty Castle. After that, you could spend hours exploring the 26-acre folk park, where a 19th century village was recreated. All the details were complete, starting from the quaint buildings to the village's residents donning 19th-century fashion. You could talk to them of course, and get to know more a villager's life during the Middle Ages.

After all the walking and exploring, you would probably be hungry at the end of the day. Don't leave yet and partake in the nightly medieval bouquet set in the Great Banquet Hall of the castle. Royal medieval dinner entertainment will serenade you while you're eating dinner with all the other royals, and you can even watch the Earl and the Lady of the castle being crowned.

Sounds like a bit of Games of Thrones to you? Don't miss out! Next time you visit Ireland, make sure to set aside a day for a Bunratty Castle visit, for a once-in-a-lifetime tour you'll surely never forget.

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