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Five Things Only True Beach Lovers Understand

Travelers Today       By    JC Santos

Updated: Feb 07, 2017 02:45 AM EST

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Beach Life
The beach life is not as bum as one thinks. It is an embodiment of one's spirit, freedom, great hairstyles and more.
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To be a true beach bum, one must become one with the sand. Beach life is not all about soaking up the sun and enjoying the crashing waves. These five things should teach prospective beachgoers more about the true life of a beach lover.

According to Travel and Leisure, waking up sundown is just... not. Early mornings are always the best in beaches as they offer the best views of the sun coming out of the water. In the evening, watching the sun go down is another treat. Sip that cocktail, kick back and relax for earning your first star as a beachgoer after waking early.

Another point the travel website makes is that the beach is the "best free entertainment around." Overhearing funny conversations, sand castle building, enjoying the lighting and the amazing view of the stars during a dark night during lights-out time, these experiences are priceless as they are free.

Making a comparison of mountain and beach people, Sunshine Coast Daily Australia cites a University of Virginia Researcher Shige Oishi who finds one's personality reflects whether the mountain or the beach is the best. According to his data, a true beach lover is "affectionate" as they are possibly also "warm, funny and energetic." Indeed, a beach lover is wild as they feel freedom by the sands and beach bonfires.

A true beach lover understands that regardless of the countless visits one has gone in the same beach, this particular seaside sight changes for the better. Erosion and beach tides change the scenery along with the seasons. While signature sites, such as rock formations, may remain as they are for years, the aura and energy of beaches change consistently.

Also, beach loves know the beach is the best hair stylist there is -- especially for the wet look. While the sun could harshly dry one's skin or hair, beach hair is splendid despite the damages it could possibly bring. But, you live only once.

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