Los Angeles is an amazing beach destination for the lovers of summer. Nightclubs strewn everywhere might bring back the urban vibe, but those longing for company circling a campfire with drinks and stories should know these five Los Angeles beaches that allow a beachside campfire.

If beachside campfires at night and hikes the next day sound great, Point Mugu State Park is a great idea. The state park has over 70 miles of hiking and walking trails and comes with a campsite package. All great deals in one indeed.

In Grover Beach are designated campfire spots situated near beaches that travelers can reserve for a fee. The beaches are perfect for campfires especially after sunsets. Other activities include horseback riding and even skate parks, according to The Daily Meal.

In Coronado Island is a beachside campfire location that guarantees the fire would go on all night. With just enough protection from strong climates and having a wonderful temperature, California's historic island has Glorietta Bay Beach, which has an urban backdrop but a delightfully pleasant vibe.

Travelers headed to Newport Beach could enjoy the sunsets in the seaside city. But the best way to enjoy these sunsets are along the coasts of Corona Del Mar. Along the "Pirate's Cove," travelers can start a beachside campfire along the designated rows. It is not as private as one may expect, but the backdrop of the Cove is amazing to behold during the sunset.

Cabrillo Beach has an entrance fee -- or rather an all-day parking fee -- of $9 and has plenty of amazing activities including surfing, dining in beachside restaurants and of course, campfires by the beach. According to TimeOut, travelers can choose from two beaches in Cabrillo; one where it faces the LA Harbor and the other facing the ocean.

The travel tips website also suggests Dockweiler Beach for its numerous volleyball courts and other water and land sports activities but it estimates there are about 75 fire pits for beachside campfires. TimeOut also said it can be a bit expensive, quite crowded and a bit noisy due to airplanes.