Something gross turned into something adorable--such is what's obviously what's happening at a poop-themed restaurant found on the 4th floor of the Ssamziegil Mall in the center of Insadong, South Korea. It is just a hop and a skip away from the Gyeongbok Palace.

British expat Ken Kum Lee, who blogs at Seoul State of Mind, explained to Mashable that "it's seen as a normal cafe in Korea. I would say the 'cute poop' theme is very popular throughout Asia [...] I wouldn't say it's pushing boundaries. I think it's just difference in culture."

Outside of the cafe, one can see its weird name painted in bold letters across the windows. Inside, there is a tree inside decorated with colorful poop-shaped papers. These poop-shaped papers also have cute little faces, sneakers and scribbled messages on them from previous customers.

There is a long coffee bar when you enter and it is quite a big place. There are plenty of chairs but does not match and colorful wooden tables as furniture inside. A few squat toilets that had been turned into mini pots for plants decorate the place. Also, porcelain cups with poops painted on them adorn the shelves and colorful coils of "poop" could be found practically on all tables, chairs and in every little corner.

They serve your latte in little toilet bowl cups. They also serve cafe mocha, cappuccino, afternoon tea and creamy lattes with some cute poop latte art. The rose latte has a pleasant floral aroma and a hint of rose taste. They also serve Lotteria where you can buy either the red bean & walnut or chocolate filled.

For food, they serve chocolate-filled poop bread, poop-shaped scones, but the poop scones tastes a bit more like a cookie than a scone. They also serve strawberry jam served in a squat toilet dish. To complete the party, you can wear party hats and have turd-shaped pillows.

A review by blog Seoul Searching says that if you're looking for a unique, 'only in Korea' place, this is definitely a must-visit.