Despite being the largest state in the United States of America with size that is twice than that of Texas, Alaska has maintained the record of having the lowest population in the US. But for over a century, the state has actually earned a lot of wealth from tourism.

According to Travel Alaska, over 1.5 million tourists visit Alaska every year to discover the state's distinctive wildlife, fresh seafood and impressive scenery including the Mt. McKinley - the highest mountain peak in North America. If you are planning on a trip but you are not still sure which you must go, here are some of the reasons why you must choose Alaska as your next travel destination this year.

1. Your trip to Alaska will never be complete without your actual encounter with Alaska's most famous grizzly bears. Home to different bears such as the polar bears, Kodiak bears, black bears and brown bears, Alaska is notable for tourists because it is considered to be one of the largest habitats of bears around the world.

There are many tour packages offered in Alaska for bear viewings and encounters to different bear locations all over the state. Some of the best viewing locations for bears in Alaska include the Hyder, the Pack Creek Brown Bear Viewing Area, the Traitors Cove and the Pavlof Marsh.

2. Alaska is where you will find the most unique Eskimo ice cream, locally known as the Akutaq. This native Alaskan dessert is traditionally made with whipped animal fat that is mixed with seal oil and varieties of berries such as cranberries, blueberries, salmonberries and cloudberries. According to the Smithsonian, the ingredients of the Akutaq depend on the imagination of the one making it, as well as the availability of the berries by season. Hence, despite being a simple dessert compared to others, the traditional Akutaq is very hard to make.

3.  Alaska is also a perfect place for an ocean day cruise. Destinations in the state such as the Glacier Bay and Kenai Fjords are known for the best trips where tourists can take a magnificent sightseeing is the coasts of Alaska. The cruise allows its passengers to enjoy the mountain scenery while being amazed with the rich Alaskan wildlife. You can find varieties of sea lions, whales, sea otters, seals, bears and mountain goats.

4. Since winter is mostly celebrated in Alaska, you can never get bored with the amazing winter activities in the state. Aside from the tallest peaks and wildest bears, Alaska is also famous for its fantastic view of the dancing sky lights commonly known as the Northern lights or the Aurora Borealis. The city of Fairbanks is known to be the place in Alaska for Northern lights viewing.

Aside from watching the Alaskan Northern Lights, tourists can also enjoy other winter activities such as dog sledding, skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding.

5. Tourists in Alaska do also love to keep coming back to the state because of its world-class board and lodging. Some of the rooms that are open for tourists have transparent roofs and walls with ventilations that help tourists keep warm in the winter cold weather. These for-rent lodgings are perfect for Northern lights seeing while enjoying the comfort of lying in the bed with your loved one or travel buddy.

A trip to Alaska will give you a taste of the Northern way of living - with all the wildlife, icy mountains, longest coasts and incredible outdoor activities. So brush off your way to North and discover the one of a kind Alaskan experience.