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Beautiul Bridges In The Us That You Must Not Miss

Travelers Today       By    Sheobi Anne Ramos

Updated: Feb 01, 2017 03:45 AM EST

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Top 10 Most Famous Bridges In The USA
The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the United States.
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The US is filled with beautiful natural/man-made attractions that travelers all over the world make a journey for and quite often, bridges are used to tie the gaps between states. But if you really stop and see, some of these bridges are also worth traveling to themselves.

It's not a usual travel attraction, maybe only to those who love architecture, but there are bridges in the United States so beautiful, you should put some of them on your travel bucket list. Here are some of them:

New River Gorge Bridge, Fayetteville, West Virginia. Before this bridge was built on 1977, commuters have to spend 40 minutes to an hour just to get across on the old river at Fayetteville. Now, travelers not just praise the bridge for its convenience, but also for its picturesque quality. This is also a famous US spot for base-jumping and rappelling.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California. One of the most famous bridges in the world, it isn't surprising as traveling over the Golden Gate Bridge is an experience in itself. It connects San Francisco to Marin County, and every year, over 10 million people frequent the bridge. Its stunning views of the Alcatraz and Pacific Ocean contribute to its iconic status, as well as being one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

Benson Bridge, Multnomah Falls, Oregon. Travelers will get the view of their lives if they ever find themselves crossing Benson Bridge, as it is located between beautifully in Multnomah Creek, providing a one-of-a-kind view of the majestic Multnomah Falls. Oregon is famous for it, and it is certainly known as one of the most beautiful footbridges in the US.

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, New York. Try crossing this bridge at night and you will get why Brooklyn Bridge is one of the most celebrated bridges in America. It took 14 years to build, and during its inauguration in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge. Being here gives anyone a magnificent view of the whole New York City Skyline, and because of this, it is awarded as a New York City Landmark, as well as a National Historic Landmark.

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