Traveling all over the world is one of the most fun and memorable activities you can do in your lifetime. To some people though, their travel dreams are always put on hold because of their jobs and inability get some time off of their work responsibilities.

But work doesn't mean you can't travel. There are tons of careers you can take up that will not only give you income, but also lets you travel all over the world. Here are some of them:

TEFL Teacher. Teaching English as Foreign Language is one of the best career options if you want to travel the world. The worldwide demand to learn English has never been higher, and if you're good enough and have the enough qualifications then why not? The pay is actually quite good depending on how many hours you put in every day, and contracts are flexible enough if you only want to teach part-time or full-time.

Au Pair. To become an Au pair, the only thing you need to be really good at is getting along with kids. Although the salary is not that high, most au pair job contracts come with free accommodation and food, and the chance to be an extended family member of your host. There are several au pair listings around the world, and basically, you're just going to take care of your host family's children and help them with their schoolwork.

Cruise Line Staff. This is one of the major career options people who love traveling always consider since working on a cruise means you get to travel to some of the most beautiful destinations in the world with decent salary and on top of that, free food and accommodation. Careers in hospitality services are always the most common jobs you can find in cruise lines, but usually there's something for engineering and other technical jobs as well.

Flight Attendant. This career can't get any more obvious since being a flight crew means flying to different destinations every day, local or international. Sometimes though, flight attendants only have a few hours in each destination so they can't explore properly, but long haul destinations sometimes provide a few days' time in each place that the flight crew can use to explore the city they're in. Not to mention, flight attendants commonly get travel benefits as well as reduced rates to airplane tickets.

Bartender. Usual bartending courses take up only 2 weeks of your time, but after that you can travel the world while mixing drinks and cocktails in several restaurants. It's not a really glamorous job, and mostly bartenders work nights until the wee hours of the morning, but it's a great way to socialize with local people in a particular place. If you have enough experience, then it's possible to be a professional mixologist in any 5-star hotel in the world.