Who wants to play LEGO all day? Or rather, teach children to play with LEGO all day? Cambridge University is calling LEGO lovers and educational professionals to apply on what is supposed to be the first of its kind - the Professor of Play.

Global Head of Research for the Lego Foundation Bo Stjerne Thomsen told told The Guardian that the position requires for an individual to have a childlike mindset, "an academic who is playful, extremely curious, open-minded, imaginative and creative - someone who can think of new ways of doing research and work across different disciplines."

The foundation would like to impart that playing is a vital development among children, that it should be part of their education. The appointed LEGO Professor is expected to hold classes while at the same time, do research on child's development and act as the Director of the newly established Centre for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning in the university.

Thomsen said, "We hope the Lego professor will speak to the needs that exist in education right now - and we can point to what the attitudes to play are, how teachers teach and what parents expect from education." He added that findings in the research studies would improve loopholes in the academics.

"We help our academic partners to address the question of how it would make sense for a government or teacher to use that research." The LEGO Foundation pointed out that they want to see the UK government encouraging the role of play in children in schools, rather than do tests and examinations.

"If children are being taught with standardised assessments and results, those children will expect to receive assignments and be led towards pre-defined goals for the rest of their lives."

Deadline of application will be tomorrow, Jan 20. Interested individuals don't need to have a professional educational background. Great perks await the lucky candidate who will be chosen, including an average salary of £83,981.