February is fast approaching - just a few more days and we'll welcome another month. New month means new free for PS4 for PlayStation Plus games for subscribers! Sony should announce pretty soon as to what games will make it to the Free list, and we've rounded up the most likely titles.

"Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China" is likely to be offered for free next month for PlayStation Plus subscribers. According to PlayStation Universe, the game received mediocre reviews, but it is a lot of fun in short bursts. This is stylistically different from previous entries in the franchise, being set on 2.5D.

"LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham" would also possibly be offered for free. Metro said that the game is not quite as good as last year's Lego Marvel, but it has a huge range of characters and mountains of content and unlockables. Plus, it has some inspired story missions and the usual super-accessible co-op options and addictive combat and puzzles.

Now that "Gravity Rush 2" has been released, PS4 fans predict that "Gravity Rush Remastered" will be a free PlayStation Plus game next month.  The action-adventure video game is an enhanced version of "Gravity Rush." Critics say that it is a fantastic port of a unique and charming adventure, one with a core gravity-based mechanic that never stops being thrilling to use.

When it was released in April, "Alienation" got mostly positive reviews. The game is a refined and intense shooting game that looks and sounds great, and offers fantastically chaotic and violent action. Game controls are sharp, and enemies are plentiful and varied enough to keep a squad of up to four co-op players busy. Watch out for Sony's official announcement for February's free PlayStation Plus games for PS4, since multiple sources say the company is going to do it this week!