The 49th State of the United States is famous for its beautiful sceneries, huge glaciers, virgin forests and rich wildlife especially bears. Alaska also offers the highest mountain in North America, you can also see and view for yourself the famous Northern Lights in the night sky in the state. There are also many towns to visit and from the very first moment you step on Alaska soil, for sure it won't disappoint. Here are some of the best places to visit in Alaska.

Glacier Bay National Park. This World Heritage Site is one of the most largest protected areas in the world. Glacier Bay National Park covers over three million acres of stunning glaciers, beautiful rainforests, deep fjords and is one of the best places to visit for sure in Alaska. This national park also offers the best wildlife experience from the orcas, to the sea lions and seals all around the area. It is best to bring your camera for you to capture every moment you experience in this part of Alaska from the stunning sceneries to the abundant wildllife and crystal clear waters you will see.

The Alaska Highway. The Alaska Highway which is also known as the ACLAN is considered as one of the world's most scenic highways to date. Although this highway dates back from the World War II ages, this well maintained road shows the most beautiful terrain and wildlife sceneries all over where you can snap a photo each time while your on the road in this particular highway. For sure driving pass the Alaskan Highway won't be the typical boring roadtrip.

Kenai Fjords National Park. According to Rough Guides, this famous national park in Alaska is basically a glacial playground which is popular with most hikers, kayakers and wildlife seekers as it offers one of the best views in Alaska. The Exit Glacier is the park's most well known and reachable highlight. For adventure seekers, they can explore the Harding Icefield Trail where they can see the most unbelievable views of the largest ice fields within America.

The Eastern Aleutians. The Aleutian Islands is home to 27 of the 46 active volcanoes in the United States. The most beautiful place in the archipelago is its East Borough where travelers can hike up on difficult landscapes, hot volcanic craters,  ancient Aleut village sites and different species of wildlife both birds and marine life as well.

Northern Lights In Fairbanks. The mysterious colors swirling in the night sky changing color patterns from yellow to red to purple also known as th Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis actually can be seen in Fairbanks. As per Vacation Idea, Fairbanks in Alaska is one of the best locations not just in America but in the entire world to see and experience this magical natural phenomenon. The best time to see the lights is late at night or dawn the next morning. For more about the best places to visit in Alaska and other parts of the country please visit Travelers Today.