With its amazing and breath-taking sceneries, enormous ice-age glaciers, diverse landscapes, the aurora borealis, abundant wildlife, Alaska is surely one of the places in the world to visit.

You'll find a wide variety of happenings in Alaska, everything from the mild to the wild.

According to US News Travel, if you are ready to explore epic landscapes in peace and serenity, here are some reasons why fall might be the best season to visit Alaska:

You can get away from huge crowds.

You will certainly have a peace and quiet time away from huge crowd of tourists since most of them only flock to America's northernmost state from May to early September, leaving the entire month of October free from an influx of visitors.

The same incredible views of the dramatic vistas, staggering glaciers and historical towns can be enjoyed in autumn.

It can be seen in the Mendenhall Glacier outside of Juneau, the tall, snow-capped peaks of Denali National Park and the whale-filled waters near Anchorage- without heavy crowds and with the addition of radiant fall leaves.

You may have higher chances of seeing the northern lights.

Since the sun sets around 7 p.m. on average in October, Alaska has darker skies and earlier sunsets. The chances of spotting the aurora borealis during a fall visit are relatively high.

The northern lights are an amazing array of orange, yellow, red, green gas molecules blown about the night sky by solar winds.

Experts recommend being in the north, at least three nights, for the best chance of watching colorful streaks the dark night sky can display in autumn.

You can have an urban escape to hit the trails in peace.

Fall is definitely the ultimate time to channel your inner adventurer and hike Alaska's trails in tranquility. The temperature in Alaska during that season of the year is 40s and 50s. Autumn is the perfect time for hiking through Alaska's wilderness.

If you're in Anchorage, you may hit the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, this park is a perfect urban escape for both a wilderness adventure and a leisurely day outdoors. While in Seward, you can park your car and take the peaceful 30-minute hike to the Exit Glacier.

You can enjoy watching the Wildlife.

Tourists enjoy the chance to spot some of the state's most famed wildlife such as caribou, moose, grizzly bears and black bears with ease in fall.

You may head over to the Kenai Fjords National Park for a chance to watch the whales before they migrate and Denali National Park for the best opportunities to spot bears.

You can stroll through the State Capitol.

Juneau, Alaska's state capital, is also one of its most beautiful cities and one of the most visited communities in the state.

During fall, fewer ships visit Juneau, giving you the chance to stroll the streets of Alaska's State Capitol without thick crowds at your side.

Stop by the Mendenhall Glacier, one of the city's most iconic sites sits at the edge of a residential neighborhood, to enjoy picturesque views and perfect photo opportunities.

Spectacular views, pristine lakes and towering mountains are all part of the Alaska driving experience. So don't miss out travelling to Alaska, especially this Fall.