Almost every traveler who had wandered into Vietnam's lush natural tourist spots, amazing beaches and other sites of interest would tell a fellow that the trip to the Southeast Asian gem is worth it. Word-by-mouth marketing works well for Vietnam, but its efforts to send this message through funded government efforts have failed miserably in the last few years. This 2017, the Vietnam Tourism Advisory Board had concentrated all its efforts in a website designed to lure foreigners into the country

According to Forbes, the website VietnamTourism.Vn -- both produced by the Tourism Advisory Board and the Vietnam Government's National Administration of Tourism -- appears like a cross "between a traditional tourism promotion portal" and "a glossy travel magazine" that has "informative pieces" including "in-depth articles about travel experiences and destinations."

Instead of a previous static tourism website by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the new website focuses on image-centric approaches to inspiration. Web visitors would be greeted by a slogan: "Vietnam: Timeless Charm" along with stories from different categories including "Adventure", "Beaches", "City Breaks", "Culture", "Family" and more. Contributors are foreign and local writers with vast knowledge and experience of Vietnam's tourist destinations, history and culture.

The efficacy of the newly-launched tourism website is only one part of Vietnam's campaign to improve its tourism revenue up to $35 billion by 2020. According to According to VNExpress, the Vietnamese government intends to make its visa accessible to foreigners through fewer requirements and shorter wait times through a web-based visa application system.

The news website also mentioned the Vietnamese government's plan to allow more international airline companies to add Vietnam to its destination route, but has yet to announce possible solutions to its congested airport systems that have delayed many foreign travelers in the past few years. Vietnam's Tan Son Nhat airport was ranked the world's 8th worst airport by Sleeping in Airports in 2015, prompting the Vietnamese Civil Aviation Authority to take action -- with no updates as of early 2017.