Moving to another place can be quite difficult, with all the adjustments one has to make and you'd want to move in one of the best and most livable cities. However, it can also get exciting as your social diversity will have an opportunity to expand and so will your social network and try out different dishes. In no particular order, here are a couple of amazing cities you might want to check out and probably move into in the future:


If you're a great fan of history and its architectural designs and would prefer somewhere peaceful away from the bustling city, Kyoto would be a great choice. The city was an Imperial capital and apparently it has some landmarks that are very well-preserved, which includes the Daitoku-ji, a Zen monastery that's almost 700-year-old.


For people fond of lifestyle and leisure, Shanghai is a great recommendation. It great shopping alongside amazing bars offering cocktails infuse with house-grown herbs.


The intensity of its colorful surroundings and culture overpowered both the city's traffic and its heat. Its local cuisine is also something worth trying and won the hearts of the city's visitors.


The second Japanese city in the list, right behind Kyoto, the extraordinarily visible culture makes it one of the best and most livable cities in Asia. Locals are also said to be one of the friendliest in Asia.

Ho Chi Minh

Still called Saigon by the locals, Ho Chi Minh City is a city great for the fun-loving type of people. It's vibrant and very Westernized and houses the best cuisines in Vietnam, with Cuc Gach Quan in District 1 offering the best selections.


Of course, it is no surprise how Singapore made it to the list of the best and most livable cities in Asia. From the later part of spring season through the middle of the summer, great shopping deals are often found during the Great Singapore Sale which slashes down prices and gives rewards almost everywhere from Orchard Road all the way to Little India! Changi Airport's movie theater catering to locals and tourists for 24 hours is also an added bonus!

These are just a few of the best and most livable cities in Asia and there's so much more to discover and explore! Stay tuned toTravelers Today for more travel news!